Frozen baby food, just like home made.


What are kiddiecubes?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer your baby the closest to fresh, home cooked food from freezer to spoon in approximately 90 seconds?

Well, with KiddieCubes you can!

We’ve created 14 tasty dishes in our kitchen using organic, wholesome ingredients suitable for babies aged from four months upwards. After gentle cooking, we immediately freeze our dishes into little cubes of goodness.

A range of our flavours are available nationwide through ASDA, Ocado, and in Cook stores.

The good stuff locked in.

Because we don’t use unnecessary heat treatment, we make sure all the good things are kept locked in. Each re-sealable KiddieCubes pack contains 12 x 25g cubes (each cube is the equivalent to one heaped tablespoon) so you are in total control of portion size and wastage is kept to a minimum. No nasties; simply all natural and delicious, carefully balanced meals straight from the freezer that are vitamin and protein rich, no added sugar, low in natural sugars and produced for your baby as nature intended.

Quick and easy to prepare.

From freezer to bowl in approximately 90 seconds, KiddieCubes are quick and easy to defrost, using a microwave or placing in a saucepan on the hob. No need to keep your hungry little one waiting.

The facts.

  • 14 varied and nutritious recipes: Carefully crafted tasty recipes to expand your baby's repertoire.
  • Nutritionally balanced recipes packed full of goodness for your baby: In fact, Mums can rely 100% on KiddieCubes for their baby’s non-milk diet.
  • Quick, convenient & easy to use: From frozen to spoon in approximately 90 seconds, using a hob or microwave.
  • Ideal for portion control: Handy 25g cubes give Mums total control of portion size and keeps wastage to a minimum.
  • All natural ingredients: 100% natural, organic ingredients – no added ‘nasties’, additives or sugar, just pure fruit, vegetable, meat, poultry, fish, lentils, oats and dairy.